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E Cigarette Kits

Electronic Cigarette, which is popularly known as E cigarette or E Cig, is a revolutionary smoking device that produces no smoke, no smell and involves no tobacco.

E Cigs' novelty lies in its feel of a real cigarette without producing of any of the 4000+ chemicals that are produced with the smoke of real cigarettes.

E cigarettes are available in a starter kit from E Cigarettes Web, UK. Electronic cigarettes come with a starter kit, because they come with additional elements than simply a cigarette.

Usually, an e cigarette starter kit has LED batteries, atomiser, battery charger, a cig power cord, an assortment of cartridges and of course a manual to help you understand how to use all the things that have come in the kit.

You can choose and buy from our range of Mini Cigarette Starter Kits or Super Cigarette Starter Kits. Both these kits have everything you need to get started on the electronic style of smoking. Explore our offers and step in the arena of modern day smoking!

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