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The Tiger Coco range of high quality electronic cigarettes and accessories is the modern and stylish alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Find out why so many people are switching!

This electronic alternative to tobacco smoking using the latest technology gives you the same smoking sensation but without the same harmful effects. It provides a satisfying alternative but without the tar, ammonia, carbon dioxide, smells, smoke and ash that tobacco smoking gives.

E-cigarettes are a cheaper alternative and costs are just a fraction compared to tobacco cigarettes and they can be used in many more places. We have a variety of flavours and strengths to suit all tastes.

Our starter kits contain everything you need and are competitively priced and our excellent Customer Services Team are on hand to help and advise. You can be assured of receiving both value and a quality service.

Our easy to use site gives you all the information you need, plus special offers, articles and reviews as well as our blog which is updated regularly.

What are you waiting for? Make the switch and find out the benefits for yourself.

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